Fragrance and Disinfection Machine - Mikronix Fog

Fragrance and Disinfection Machine

Fragrance and Disinfection Machine

Our Mikronix Odor and Disinfection unit FOG - 1101 is manufactured to the highest standards and is designed to reduce and kill bacteria and viruses.


With components that are harmless to our human health, it is micronized with 1.6 Hz ultrasonic sound waves known as cold steam and it is applied in the form of fog. The device is operated with the UV light in the unit and the concentrations allowed by the Ministry of Health for humans.


With the principle of ultrasonic piezoelectric transducer, the system is produced by a blown fan by pounding the water and the disinfectants in the permitted concentration by ultrasonic waves into very small particles such as 5 microns. The fog created by each ultrasonic transducer combines to form a fog cloud and therefore the environment is disinfected by blowing into the environment with a fan in the resulting fog cloud. In addition, a fresh scent can be provided to the environment with the preferred essence of your liking.


Essence Machine Consumption Features:


- Operating Voltage 220 Vac / 50 - 60 Hz


- Full Capacity Power Consumption 80 Watt / Hour


- System Idle Power Consumption 45 Watt / Hour


- UV (Ultraviolet) Light Power Consumption 2 mWatt / Hour


Essence Machine System Features:


- Fogging Excess Tank 1.75 Lt


- Ambient Lighting


- Portable Case with Wheel


- Stainless Outer Case


- Programmable Operation


- Stop Time Range


- UV (Ultraviolet) Light Module (For Environment)


Ambient Essence Machine Safety Precautions:


- Automatic Control of Tank Liquid Level


- Automatic Protection System in Case of Overload and Failure


- Water Cooling and Protection System of Power Elements


- Drain Valves for Cleaning and Waste Water


- Grounding Network Against Possible Liquid-Electric Interactions


- Double Sided Handles for Transport Operations


- Reserve Tank Liquid Level Decrease Audible Warning System